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Renovate your property
with James Dunn Roofing

We’re committed to keeping Oxfordshire’s properties as good as new

The truth is that no matter how well a building is constructed, time and exposure to the elements will eventually cause wear and tear. Damage to a new building is easy enough to repair, but with an older building it becomes necessary to take extra care to preserve the character and period of the structure. Added to the fact a builder could easily cause further damage to an older structure whilst effecting its repair, restoration of classic buildings becomes decidedly problematical. If you're looking for a contractor to undertake renovation of a building with a long history, you should get in touch with James Dunn Roofing today.


Responsible and efficient renovation

We're well aware that renovation requires both practical and artistic skill, to comprehensively repair the structure and make the newer sections blend seamlessly with the original structure. This is accomplished by sympathetically restoring or modernising properties to blend additions with their original features.


Looking after listed buildings

Listed buildings demand a great deal of attention when it comes to upkeep and renovation. James Dunn Roofing are experts in renovating listed properties, possessing the skills and abilities to professionally restore delicate buildings back to their former glory.

Beyond renovation

Why stop at renovation? James Dunn Roofing also provide full development, decorating and design services to help you get the most out of your property. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

The team at James Dunn Roofing are experienced renovation professionals. Call us today for more information on

01865 373 614