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Let your roof
help Mother Nature

Looking after the environment with James Dunn Roofing

It might seem like a strange idea, but there really are such things as ecologically friendly roofs. In the modern age we're all concerned about our impact on the world, and there are ways that even roofs can help save the environment. What we offer in this respect is green - or living - roofing. Our living roofs can help greenery to flourish on your property, whilst still retaining the same strength and durability of a standard roof.

If you're upgrading your roof, why not consider our range of fascias, gutters and other roofline products to compliment it?

How do living roofs work?

Our green solutions provide a perfect environment for plants to thrive on the rooftop. This is accomplished with a water drainage and retention surface which simulates the ground for the purposes of plant nourishment. This might sound a bit risky, but don't worry: a Sedum roof provides all the insulatory and protective attributes of a regular roof.

What are the advantages of a green roof?

The great thing about a green roof is that it serves the purposes of environmental friendliness whilst also delivering an aesthetic appearance. In the first case, your green roof will help to reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the surrounding atmosphere. Secondly, a green roof adds a very beautiful appearance to both home and business roofs. On top of this, a living roof is low maintenance and gives a degree of protection to the roof below.

Potentially reduce your energy costs

If the environmental benefits weren’t enough, there are also financial advantages too. With a new coating of green roofing keeping your house warm, it’s very likely that you’ll see a drop in your energy costs too. Get in contact with James Dunn Roofing and see what the environment can do for you.

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