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A comprehensive
pitched roof service

The specialists when it comes to traditional, natural and synthetic roofing slates and tiles

With significant expertise in the field of pitched roofs, our services ensures that your property will have the most robust and weather proof roofing. We utilise breathable felts and tanalised battens which ensure that all of our slate and tile roofs meet British Standards. We offer traditional, synthetic or natural slates and tiles, which means that we can ensure your roof is the most practical for your property

Why not enhance the ecological effect of your roof with one of our green roofs?


Looking after your home

Our installations provide everything necessary for a perfect pitched roof. James Dunn Roofing will ensure that your roof is protected against the elements for years to come.


An installer of Decra tiles

Decra tiles maintain the appearance of more traditional concrete or clay slates due a wide range of paint and powder coated finishes whilst being only one seventh of the weight. In addition to reducing the stress on the structure of your roof, Decra tiles are easy to maintain and far more weather resistance than most alternatives. Because of their lightweight nature, Decra tiles are also quicker to install. This can really help to reduce the time and cost involved in constructing your roof.

The integrity of your roof

One of the most important things we can bring you is our experience: with years of experience in what makes a good roof work, we will be able to recommend the best materials to keep your roof robust and weather proof. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with us.

For a resilient pitched roof, call James Dunn Roofing today on

01865 373 614